Top Types of Lipstick to Try

The must-have tool in every woman’s handbag has to be lipstick. There are a variety of shades, brands available in the market from where one can choose from. The type of lipstick one uses is completely a personal choice. Lipsticks are available in different textures, coverage, durability and sun protection which is very important for lip care, and all these factors can vary from lipstick to lipstick.

Mentioned herein are the different types of lipstick easily available in the market.

1. Matte
Matte finish lipsticks are non-glossy, do not smudge and usually last longer than other types of lipsticks. A great range of bright colors are available in matte lipsticks and can be easily applied. One thing to keep in mind while applying matte lipsticks is that the lips should be well hydrated as these lipsticks do not contain moisturizing ingredients and can highlight dry patches on lips.

2. Cream
Cream lipsticks contain more wax in comparison to other types of lipsticks, which helps in protecting the lips. One can create a shiny look by applying lip gloss after the application of cream-based lipstick. Cream lipsticks are a perfect choice for women with small lips as it gives an even look.

3. Shimmer
This type of lipstick gives a sultry and shimmery look and is usually worn in parties or events. These lipsticks contain mica, silica or pearl particles to create the shimmer look. Available in a variety of shades, the texture of shimmery lipstick is satiny, is easy to apply and gives a glamorous look.

4. Long wearing
This type of lipstick is long lasting, i.e., they can last upto 8 hours or more and do not get smudged. This type of lipstick usually requires a makeup remover to remove the lipstick colour. These lipsticks do not leave stains on cloth or cups. Long wearing lipsticks can cause dryness to the lips.

5. Satin lipstick
These lipsticks contain moisturising ingredients and also give a glossy look to the lips. The oil component in this type of lipstick is high, which gives a lighter look when applied. Satin lipsticks are not long lasting and need regular touch-ups.

6. Moisturizing
Lipsticks that provide color and moisture to the lips with long lasting formula are called moisturizing lipsticks. Rich in vitamin E and glycerine these lipsticks are smooth and easy to apply and also give the lips a shiny look.

7. Gloss
Gloss lipsticks can be applied above regular lipsticks, which will give a shiny look to the lips. Lip gloss helps in repairing damaged or dry lips due to the presence of moisturising ingredients present in it. It is in the form of a gel and can be applied with the use of an inbuilt lip brush and very convenient to apply. This type of lipstick does not contain and wax is highly pigmented and light in weight. It is not long lasting and requires regular application.