Top 5 Foods for Dogs with Allergies

It’s easy to feel helpless when your pet is in pain. An illness or allergy can have devastating effects for both owners and pups alike. However, these allergies can be prevented by following a restrictive diet. When it comes to allergies, one has to understand which type of allergens cause irritation in dogs. Different breeds have different sensitivities, and might exhibit symptoms differently. Owners have to be careful when dealing with dogs with food allergies.

If your dog is experiencing allergies, consider trying the following foods to help:

1. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE
This is one of the best treats for dogs with food allergies, especially the ones who are sensitive to wheat or soy products. The grain-free alternative uses a salmon-inclusive diet and relies on using pure lines of lamb, chicken, boar, duck, etc. The food package also uses high protein and keeps the fat content low, which makes it ideal for dogs to thrive all day.

2. Purina Pro Plan Hydrolyzed
This is one of the veterinary diets that is available at pet stores, only if prescribed. It uses soy products, which are based on hypoallergenic constituents, thereby helping the dog’s digestive system function better. It is recommended to pets who rely on a vegetable diet completely and need to have protein in their diet. This high protein diet is easily digestible by dogs with a sensitive bowel.

3. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient
One of the best foods for dogs with food allergies, this particular product caters to the overall needs and demands of dogs. This high-protein and easily digestible carb-diet takes care of the skin and coat and blood and bones of your pet. This grain-free food diet is available in different varieties such as turkey, duck, lamb, and salmon. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

4. FreshPet’s Select and Vital range of foods
Ideal for dogs with stomach ailments, these ranges of foods come in a refrigerated and packaged form. These are easily digestible and are available in a wide range of varieties such as salmon, lamb, whitefish, bison, turkey, beef, chicken, etc. It is readily available in pet shops and is highly favored by innumerable dog owners across the world.

5. Blue Buffalo
This particular treat for dogs with food allergies comes in three different varieties and is perfect for dogs with digestive ailments or allergies. It provides a 24% protein-rich diet inclusive of all the necessary nutrition for the health and strength of your pet. All three variants are specifically formulated to cope with different issues in dogs. However, this can only be bought with a prescription from pet stores and medicine shops.

For dogs with food allergies, one has to do a thorough analysis in order to understand what is causing their allergic outbursts. In most cases, it either results from improper digestive functioning or other biochemical reactions.