demo 6 Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners


Since eyes are the window to the soul, it’s never a bad idea to dress them up. This is why we love eyeshadow, nothing in our makeup arsenal adds sparkle and shine to the eyes like eyeshadow can. Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, eyeshadow can be tricky to master without a tons of practice. To help novices get started with creating flawlessly blended looks, try some of our eyeshadow tips and tricks for beginners:

1. Choice of colors
The basic and most important step is to choose the right color, brand, and texture to create a dynamic look for the eyes. The color of the eyelids plays an important role in selecting an eyeshadow palette. Earthy tones such as bronze and copper suit people with fair skin, while gold and rust colors compliment people with wheatish complexion. One can also take the help of a color wheel to get an idea of eyeshadow colors to be used. The color of the hair is also an important factor while selecting the right eyeshadow color.

2. Preparing the eyes
Before the application of eyeshadow, one should moisturize the eyelids and then apply a primer which will make the eyeshadow last longer and prevent it from smudging.

3. Choosing the right brush
One can apply eyeshadow with the fingertips but using makeup brushes makes the application easy and well defined. A stiff brush should be used to apply eyeshadow on the lids, a soft brush to define the outer eyelids and a soft brush to define the eye line. While using these brushes one should move the brushes in the same direction so that the colors blend neatly. Also one should never apply the eyeshadow till the brows.

4. Eyeshadow color application
The next step is to start applying the lightest shade also called the base shade over the entire eyelid, after which the lighter shade should be blended with the base color and applied on the lower lid. Finally, the dark color should be applied to the outer corners of the eyelids and blend it slightly with the lower lid.

5. Add shimmer
Highlight the eyeshadow by adding shimmer to it to create a mesmerizing look. While applying the shimmer one should match the color of the shimmer with the eyeshadow color applied. Dip the brush in the shimmer and gently apply it over the eyelids. The shimmer should be applied with the brush moving towards the outer direction and dust the extra shimmer with the help of a tissue to give a perfect look.

6. Apply eyeliner and curl the lashes
The final step is to apply an eyeliner which will give the finishing touches and tone the eyeshadow, creating an elegant look. It is better to use a waterproof eyeliner to prevent smudging. Curl the lashes and if one wants one can apply shimmer on the eyelashes by dipping the eyelash brush in the shimmer and create a sparkly look to the eyes.