Different Types of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are increasing in popularity with every passing day. It is a procedure to enhance and accentuate the physical appearance of a person, and can be done on any part of the body. Among the most requested cosmetic surgeries, that of facial, breast, buttocks, external female genitalia, belly tucking, body shaper top the list. However, facial surgery is undoubtedly the most requested, given the craze to have perfect features.

The various types of cosmetic surgeries for the face include the following procedures:

1. Cheek augmentation
In this type of cosmetic surgery, the doctor affixes an external solid implant to uplift or modify the cheek’s appearance. The expert may also use injectable fillers like Restylane or the tissue of the patient to perform this surgery.

2. Eyelid surgery
It is either done to get double eyelids corrected or to get double eyelids attached surgically. Extreme care is taken to not hurt the eye in any way.

3. Chin surgery
Such cosmetic surgeries are mostly adopted by people who want to correct their double chin, in order to make their face look slimmer. In addition to this, people also request for a cleft in their chin.

4. Face Lift surgery
Facelifting cosmetic surgeries involve getting rid of the excess fat deposition on the face which gives a bulky and saggy appearance. The surgery promises to make the face look more contoured and leaner.

5. Liposuction
In simple words, it means sucking out the excess lipids or fats. Excess fat deposition is not only unhealthy but also unacceptable to many. Especially the accumulation of unwanted fat on the face and neck compels individuals to opt for liposuction to reduce the fat content in that area. Liposuction cosmetic surgeries are usually performed on the belly, thighs, hands, etc.

6. Lip job/enhancement
This is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries in the country of late. People may either opt for a lip job to make their lips slightly thinner or make them look fuller and bigger. It also involves corrective measures where one can alter the shape of their lips and make them look more symmetrical.

7. Nose reconstruction
It is also one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that involve the shaping of the nose. A huge number of people wish to get a smaller and more defined nose and, thus, opt for a nose job or a rhinoplasty.

8. Laser treatment
It is one of the most common and preliminary treatments which help in getting rid of unwanted moles, warts, depigmented skin, and other skin ailments.

Whichever cosmetic procedure you opt for, it is very important to make an informed decision. Any negligence and oversight can complicate your situation. It is advisable to know about the side effects of these treatments before getting the treatment done.