5 Eyeliner Styles Trending this Summer

From the cat-eye look to the basic chic drama, eyeliners can create eyes that are incomparable. The enigma created by eyeliners can bring out the best with just a small stroke. Whether it is for a casual brunch with friends, a fresh office look, or a night out, no look is complete without a masterstroke. Since styles are constantly changing, adapting to the season’s latest trends is a creative way to start the day.

These eyeliner styles that have stolen everyone’s heart and have been listed as the top favorites of women across the globe.

1. Cat eyeliner trend
From cat’s eyeglasses to liners, the trend has caught everyone by storm. With the extraordinary finesse that it creates, this eyeliner trend is one of the favorites for creating a dramatic and chic look. Matched with a casual outfit or party glitter, a slight curve pulled out, in the end, can create a fascinating summer look with ease.

2. Funky eyeliner trend
Beat the heat this summer with the perfect funky eyeliner style. Choose a contrasting eyeshadow that blends with the getup and creates the oh-so-dramatic look. Make use of the summer heat and amp up the temperature a few degrees with this magical yet funky look.

3. Double wings eyeliner trend
The double-winged eyeliner trend is the new summer style which is the utmost favorite of them all! It is not only a massive head-turner but also needs a lot of practice to be mastered. Simply stroke the eyeliner wand on the upper eyelid and create a wing at both the corners. Now take the wand and define the lower eyelid finely. You can either match the two strands up or keep them separate to create a chic, party-popper summer look!

4. Glittery eyeliner trend
Glittery eyeliner has emerged as a popular trend of this season. Matching with the outfit, these simple, single strokes can leave a massive yet long-lasting impression on the eyes of the beholder. Either save it for the first date or choose it for the next party, glittery eyes are never going to disappoint you in any way! Dark and bold colors are ideal for the night goers, light summer chic colors that blend a little with the skin tone is the best for day hoppers.

5. Smoky eyeliner trend
The smoky eyeliner trend is back and how! Simply pull a stroke and smudge the ends with an eyeshadow brush to create the magical look in the corners. Now, keep in mind that blending is the key to it all! Blend it properly and finish it off with a single stroke to make it bolder than ever!

Eyeliner styles are being updated every day. It completely depends on the artist in you, and how you want to look. Hence, create your own style statement and make every head turn.