Best Internet Providers: 2023 ISP Guide

You know how important a good internet provider is. Especially with the rise of working from home, online school, gaming, and streaming services, there are always devices connected and individuals in your home that require reliable and speedy internet. If you’re looking for cheap internet service but still want high speed internet, don’t worry, there are options for the most affordable high speed internet. Here’s a 2023 ISP guide for the best internet providers:

1. AT&T 
Between their affordable plans, excellent customer support options, and high speed internet, AT&T is a great choice for an internet provider. Their most affordable plan is Internet 50, with 50 mbps at $55 that can connect with 5-7 devices. Their most expensive plan is their Fiber 5 Gig with 5 gbps for $180 monthly and can connect with over 12 devices. Depending on what you’re looking for, AT&T likely has a great option for you that will provide you with reliable internet. 

2. Fios by Verizon
Fios by Verizon is one of the most affordable internet providers out there. This combined with excellent customer service and simple plans makes them a great choice. They offer 3 plans and speeds: at $24.99/month, you can get 300 mbps; at $44.99/month, you can get 500 mbps; and at $64.99/month, you can get 1 gbps. However, these prices are in place for existing Verizon cellular customers, if you’re not also on their cellular plan, each plan increases by $25/month—so it would be wise to join with their cell plans as well. 

3. T-Mobile Home Internet
T-Mobile Home Internet is reliable, affordable, and has great support should you run into any issues. Like Verizon, it has some requirements for the most affordable price—you have to be a T-Mobile cellular customer and set up auto-pay. However, the difference isn’t too significant. If you’re a T-Mobile cellular customer, it’s $40/month and there is also an option for Go5G or Magenta MAX plan that is $30/month. This internet is slower than their competitors, but for that price, you may already be sold. 

4. Cox Communications
For great bundles, excellent customer service, and affordable prices, Cox may be the internet provider for you. They offer four plans at 3 prices: Essential 100 for $49.99/month (100 mbps), Preferred 250 for $49.99/month (250 mbps), Ultimate 500 for $69.99/month (500 mbps), and Gigablast for $99.99/month (1 gbps). If you sign up for a 1 year agreement, you receive a $10/month discount; however, prices increase per month after the first year at $40 per month for Preferred 250, $30 per month for Ultimate 500, and $20 per month for Gigablast.

5. Xfinity
Xfinity has low prices, good customer support, wide coverage, and savings available with bundles. They have many options for plans and speeds, with the most affordable being the 75 mbps for $30/month and the most expensive being the 6,000 mbps for $299.95/month. Depending on your budget and need for speedy internet, with a wide range of plans, you will definitely find one that meets your needs. Keep in mind that based on your location, speeds and prices may vary by $5/month, and the monthly prices for plans are for the first 12 months. 

6. CenturyLink
If you’re looking for a plan with no contract, affordable prices, and excellent customer service, CenturyLink may be the one for you. Their plans vary by location, but generally speaking, they offer 3 plans with different speeds and prices—for up to 100 mbps they charge $50/month, for up to 200 mbps fiber they charge $30/month, and for up to 940 mbps fiber they charge $70/month.