4 Popular Pet-Friendly Hotels with Attractive Policies

There are several pet-friendly hotels that are available across the country. To gain a competitive advantage, many hotels are now allowing pets and some are even waiving any extra fees. While comparing different options, you must consider costs, amenities, pet policies, and open spaces so that you can enjoy yourself with your pet in addition to whatever attractions in the location piqued your interest when you decided on a particular spot.

Let’s look at some pet-friendly hotels with the most attractive pet policies.

1. Hotel Indigo
An IHG Hotel, Hotel Indigo is open to pets. You may choose from a range of amenities and activities available for yourself and your furry little friend. While these hotels do charge per night for pets, they sometimes also have a resident dog for your dog to hang out with.

2. Red Roof Inn
The Red Roof Inn is a feasible option when it comes to housing your furry little friend. They do not charge any extra nightly fees or take any upfront deposits when you bring your pet along. However, it would be important to note that they do not provide any fancy services. They also do not allow you to leave your pet unattended in the guest room. They have many locations across the country and all but three accept pets. Most Red Roof Inn hotels allow two pets per guest; however, it is recommended to check with the hotel before making any booking.

3. Hyatt
When it comes to pet-friendly hotels, Hyatt is one of the most reliable names as they offer several unique services and they differ from one property to the next. At the Hyatt South Centric Miami hotel, dogs can enjoy themselves at WOOFTOP park. Even pet owners can sit back and relax with a woofitini, mutt mojito or bark collins from the bar at WOOFTOP Deck Sixteen. Their other properties are equally impressive with the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego offering a special menu for the dogs at the restaurant with options like Surf and T-arf along with Sally’s famous pupcakes. The Park Hyatt Vienna goes a step further by scheduling photoshoots with the dog and its owner.

4. Courtyard by Marriott
Marriott International offers a great pet-friendly policy. At Courtyard by Marriott and many other Marriott hotels, pets are treated like human guests. They treat the dogs and their guests on par because they believe that if the pet is not happy, their owners cannot be happy either. The pet policies differ from one location to the next so you should call ahead and let them know your travel plans.