3 Popular European River Cruises

There are several options to choose from when it comes to European river cruises. However, it is important to understand your budget and what you want to explore to help you make a decision. Several European river cruises offer more amenities compared to others, but are mostly similar. In order to make an informed choice, try to examine some of the finer details like the cuisine offered, excursions, and the kind of rooms available.

The popular choices for European river cruises include:

1. Scenic Luxury Tours & Cruises
Scenic is what defines luxury. The interiors are made of marble, wood, and steel, and the ship hosts between 44 to 166 guests at a time. There is also an onboard pool, spa, and salon along with a gym.

The average fare for the eight-day trip is about $4,500 (US) and includes onboard meals, shore excursions, Wi-Fi, airport transfers, gratuities, and access to events. The rooms are all dubbed suites even though the smallest at 160 square feet is considered a cabin. The sheets are Egyptian cotton and the toiletries are also of premium makes. The cruise allows guests to tuck into five-course meals and have their fill of French and Italian cuisine. The cruise sails along the Danube, Main, Rhine, Moselle, Rhone, and Douro.

2. Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld’s cruises allow for around 130 passengers on board. The interiors include antique pieces with crystal and marble finishes and fittings. The style resembles different eras throughout the cruise.

The cost is an exorbitant $4,000 (US) per person for an eight-day fare which includes meals, gratuities, and airport transfers along with room service 24 hours a day. Passengers with a bigger budget can look beyond the standard cabins which are 150 square feet and go for the opulent beds that are handcrafted along with the towels on heated bars and toiletries from Hermes. The butlers also pamper the guests by unpacking the luggage and drawing bubble baths. There are even fitness instructors and gyms on board for those who like to keep fit. This cruise passes by the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Garonne, and Main, among other European rivers.

3. Viking River Cruises
The natural wood finish and neutral hues of these river ships are part of the attraction, as the fascinating Scandinavian design catches the eye.

The cost is around $3,748 (US) for an eight-day trip. There are heated floors and glass-enclosed showers along with anti-fog mirrors. The standard rooms are around 150 square feet and many passengers like to go big and splurge on the veranda staterooms and suites. The Viking river cruise is amongst the most popular European river cruises and is known for engaging excursions with passengers such as dining at the homes of locals and interacting with them to get a taste of the local life and culture.