Top Products to Help Control Fleas on Pets

A pet owner’s worst nightmare is fleas. During the hot and humid months, fleas start bothering pets, particularly dogs. Fleas can either come from the backyard or from contact with other dogs. Fleas cause allergic reactions on the skin that result in severe itching. It may also lead to inflammation and secondary skin infections from all of the scratching. You need to take good care of your pets when they get fleas.

Products that help control fleas in pets include the following varieties:

1. Seresto flea and tick collar
A veterinarian-approved product, it can keep fleas away for up to 8 months. Put it around your dog’s neck and adjust its size for a comfortable fit. It is easy to fit and uses a very low concentration of chemicals. The slow-release formula of this tick collar effectively kills fleas, its eggs, and larvae.

2. Frontline Plus
This is also a very effective natural flea prevention formula. You can easily apply it on the neck of your dog and let it disperse evenly over its coat. It ensures month-long protection against fleas and ticks after a single application.

3. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray
While products for topical application are mostly preferred for the treatment of fleas, you can also try this spray to keep your home safe from fleas. Made with non-toxic ingredients such as peppermint oil and clove extract, it can be applied on the dog’s skin, floors, furniture, bedding, and other areas in your home.

4. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets
This oral formula is also beneficial in the treatment of fleas. With very little risk of side effects, you can easily give these to your dog.

5. Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder
This flea and tick powder offers long-lasting protection against fleas. It is a safe powder that can be easily administered on dogs and puppies. It is easy to apply and has a pleasant smell that is unlikely to bother your pet.

6. The best ways for natural flea prevention
Fleas can be extremely uncomfortable for your pets. Therefore, pet owners often resort to natural flea prevention methods. This can be effectively done with sprays, topical lotions, or powders designed to keep fleas away. Although oral and topical medication is generally preferred, it is important to choose different products for adult dogs and puppies.

If your veterinarian suggests a prescription medicine for fleas and ticks, it is recommended to use that product. They might suggest preventive medicines too. Some non-prescription products such as flea shampoos, flea collars, powders, or sprays are easily available in the market. When used properly, these can offer excellent protection against fleas. It is also essential to choose products that not only kill adult fleas but are also capable of destroying its eggs and larvae.

To keep the home safe for your pets, regularly clean all surfaces including carpets and furniture.