The Most Unique and Quirky Hotels Around the Globe

Some people like to venture on the wild side, while others veer towards unique and quirky things. There are various types of hotels that are beyond one’s wildest imagination. These are not just luxury hotels for the wealthy to enjoy, but they are for anyone and everyone who wants to experience something out of the ordinary. This is because of the different price ranges that are available to tourists according to their tastes and preferences.

For a taste of something out of the ordinary, consider a stay at one of these unique hotels from around the world:

1. Whitepod Hotel
The Whitepod Hotel in Switzerland includes a group of igloo-esque pods at a hill-top with breathtaking views of the valley that is situated below. The Whitepod Hotel is located close to the town of Des Cerniers, which is known for its local cuisine. You can book your stay over here all year round, but for the best experience, you should visit during the winter so you can enjoy the pods, which are wood-heated and at their coziest.

2. Jumbo Stay
For people who cannot get enough of flights and feel like spending more time on an airplane, your search ends here. At Sweden’s Jumbo Stay, your nights will be spent in a Boeing 747-212B back from 1976, where you get a choice between 2 unique suites. This hotel also features a cockpit suite, with beds stocked right up along with the all the levels and dials. Those looking for a low-key quiet room have the option of choosing the “Black Box” suite.

3. Knight’s Glamping
This one takes you back to the medieval times with an experience to cherish in tented accommodation. It is located just by Leeds Castle in Kent. Here you get the chance of living like a shining knight. An amazing offer is that you get access to Leeds Castle and can roam its grounds absolutely free of cost during your stay. Go and experience its maze, underground grotto, and huge halls walking in the steps of historical figures like Henry VIII. Do note that shower facilities are separate from the tent.

4. Book and Bed hotel
This would be actual heaven on earth for book lovers. As the name suggests, this hotel in Tokyo has its beds located within a bookshelf. This is truly a unique concept. This hotel also keeps a large collection of various kinds of books for its avid readers and the readers find themselves in paradise as soon as they enter the hotel. Rather than being a luxurious hotel, this hotel focuses on creating a cozy environment filled with books where people can just get cozy in a warm seat and enjoy the rest of their time lost in the books of their choice.

These are some of the different types of hotels that are in the various parts of the world, which so many people are unaware about. Now that you have discovered some of these gems through this article, try and visit these places and make memories that will last a lifetime.