Smartphones with the Best Cameras

When it comes to photography and getting the most out of the camera on your smartphone, there are several things to pay attention to. There are many cutting-edge features that smartphone cameras come equipped with that they can even rival some of the lower-end digital cameras. Features like megapixels, pixel count, depth of field, night sensors, and resolution are all essential to taking professional-grade photos and videos.

The following are some of the best smartphone cameras available:

1. Redmi Note 7
This budget phone from Redmi has been giving some of its higher-priced counterparts tough competition. It has an astonishing 48 MP camera and performs exceptionally well in daylight. In low light conditions, it also exceeds expectations with its 4 in 1 pixel binning capabilities to take photos at an impressive 12 MP resolution. The Super Night Scene feature is another brilliant addition that allows users to take pictures that are more saturated and bright even in very low light conditions. This phone has superior resolution and it is visibly apparent from the quality of pictures and other output. It also has a very attractive price and is a clear choice for beginners who have an interest in photography.

2. Huawei P20 Pro
The P series from Huawei has always stood out for its superior camera and pioneering efforts in this area. The P20 Pro is no exception, and here they have worked with Leica to deliver an amazing product in mobile photography. The phone has an exceptional pixel count and the first Leica triple lens. There are three cameras with 40 MP, 8 MP, and 20 MP. It also features an f/1.6 aperture lens. The superior design, optics, and sheer work that has gone into the phone really shows. It can snap clear images in almost pitch black conditions without the help of a tripod or flash and features an ISO of 102,4000. The Ultra Snapshot feature allows you to capture photos within 0.3 seconds even if the screen of the phone is off.

3. iPhone 8
The iPhone 8 is for those who don’t wish to pay exorbitantly for the iPhone X. The phone builds on the features that were present in the iPhone 7 and has a 12 MP main sensor, 5x digital zoom, optical image stabilization or OIS, and an f/1.8 aperture. There are some additional features including 4K video recording and 240fps (frames per second) to record at slow motion while maintaining HD quality. The good news is that the iPhone 8 will be affordable for many people now that the iPhone 11 has been released.

These are some of the smartphones with the best cameras in the market that cater to all your photography needs.

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