Health Benefits of Smartphones for Seniors

A vast majority of the population in the country own smartphones. Of course, not all of them have had pleasant experiences, as smartphones have their own share of downfalls. For example, they can affect the emotional and physical connection between people if they get obsessed with their phones and hesitate towards interacting with the outside world.

However, these flaws cannot always be blamed on digital technology, as we as humans choose to live in that artificial world. If we choose to make use of such advanced technology in a positive way that can enhance our standard of living, we as a society would realize the healthy benefits of smartphones.

Senior citizens generally have a lot of difficulties in making use of new technology and have a hard time coping with their phones. But if a smartphone is set up properly for the use and the help of a senior citizen, it can be their best friend. Smartphones can indeed make life much easier and more convenient for the aged and may be helpful for them when they are dealing with problems that they may be worried about. Here are some of the healthy benefits of smartphones that can come in handy for seniors.

1. Medical apps
Many apps can take care of you by constantly reminding you of what you need to eat, how much you need to exercise, and even when you need to take a break from the phone itself. For senior citizens using Apple, a virtual medical ID bracelet can be set up for them. This bracelet can be personally customized according to their medical biodata. It will be updated with the health issues that the user suffers from, have a personalized ID of the user, and when in an emergency, it will display all the contact details on the screen so that help can be called upon. Some helpful health apps are MyFitnessPal, HealthTap, and Fooducate, among others.

2. Stressbusters
If used right, smartphones can take away stress instead of causing it. Meditation is crucial for peace of mind and helps a great deal in overcoming emotional and physical stress. It is known to help people in the healing of issues like anxiety and depression and helps them build focus and concentration and to get better sleep. This kind of relaxation is needed by senior citizens who suffer from many health issues and need some methods for stress relief. Some good apps in this direction are Headspace and Happify.

3. Access emergency health service
A huge problem faced by many seniors is being able to access health care in an emergency. In this regard, the smartphone has the ability to access any emergency service number to get help in times of crisis. This life-saving feature cannot be stressed enough and is a must-have for anyone and everyone. Numbers to a physician or a doctor can simply be saved on speed dial and the patient can be taught to use them. It is convenient to just press a single button in an emergency as compared to dialing an entire number on a traditional phone.

These are certain healthy benefits of smartphones that aid seniors to keep their health on track.