5 Dresses that Every Woman Should Own

In the past, women were told they needed three dresses—a wedding dress, a church dress, and a first date dress. Today there are many dress types that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Transitional dresses are the most fashionable, easily modified, and versatile choices that can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories to suit almost any event. Let’s explore five dresses that are time enduring and always up to fashion standards:

1. The LBD

This dress is a classic. The little black dress (or LBD) first became popular in the 1920s and is still popular today because of its simple and feminine design. It will never go out of style. When the weather is nice, this dress will accent your tan. As it gets cooler, any jacket, sweater, or cape can keep it seasonal. The choice of the cover can also make it more or less “dressy”. Because it is simply designed, it is versatile. It can go from work to a special date easily, keeping you looking just right in your environment. Other dresses that follow popular trends become dated as fashions evolve and are not really like the timeless little black dress.

2. Wrap dress

A wrap dress has a front closure that is accomplished by wrapping one side of the garment across the other and tying the two sides together or fastening with buttons. The wrap makes a V-shaped neckline and hugs the body’s curves. This dress can be very slimming as it is brought together at the smallest part of the torso. It is perfect for any body shape or age group and can be worn anywhere.

3. Maxi dress

This is a long dress. It can easily go from daytime activities to night time entertainment. It fits the form of the body and is free-flowing at the bottom. The necklines can vary and so can the style. Besides wearing the maxi dress the way it comes, you can add a shirt over the top and make it perfect for a day dress, or a blazer to dress it up a little. Pulling one side of the hem up and cinching it will easily change the shape of the hemline. Adding or changing a belt can totally change the look of this dress. A maxi-dress can flatter your shape and give you a chic appearance.

4. Shift dress

A shift dress is made so that the dress falls straight from the shoulders and has darts at the bust. This dress became popular in the 1950s and is so named in reference to the shift in culture at that time. This dress looks great with leggings which can completely change the look of the dress. It can be very loose and some are cut in a little at the waist. Pay attention to how the neckline is cut. There are many choices, lace-up, cold-shoulder necklines and more. They look good with heels or flats and can be changed up dramatically with a belt or sweater.

5. A-line dress

This dress is fitted at the top and becomes wider as it falls, giving it the general shape of the letter “A”. It will play down the waist, hips, and thighs and compliment the bust. The dress is made from a simple pattern that has kept it fashionable.