5 Magic Things to Say to Get the Best Price on a Car

Are you eager to get the best deal from a dealership? For some, negotiating with car dealers is anxiety inducing. However, you can get the upper hand by doing a little research to ensure you get the best price possible on your next car buy. Whatever type of car you’re looking for, here are some simple statements to use you when dealing with a car dealership:

1. I know the Blue Book value of the vehicle I want to buy

In today’s world, plenty of information about cars is available online. Therefore, knowing the value of the car you want is very simple. Knowing the blue book value of your dream car before visiting a dealership is important. The blue book value of a Jeep SUV or your preferred Dodge, Kia, Buick, Subaru, Hyundia, Toyota, Nissan, or GMC car, SUV or truck is the estimated worth based on its make, model, year, condition, and mileage. Car dealers are looking to make a profit, but if you know the car’s value, you can negotiate for a fair price.

2. I’ve already been pre-approved for a car loan

Before visiting a car dealership, having a pre-approved loan will prevent the dealer from saddling you with a high-interest loan that may not fit into your budget. Remember, when you visit a dealership, you want to have some negotiating power to ensure you get the car of your choice at the most reasonable price. Having solidified financing puts you in the power position. 

3. I don’t want the extended warranty

While you may have already agreed on a price with the dealership, they always want to upsell you on things like undercoatings and extended warranties. Car dealers often have a way with words that can put pressure on you to include add-ons like an extended warranty into your budget. It’s important to note that an extended warranty is not a must-have, and you can acquire it later though a second party, at a much cheaper cost. Ensure you communicate that you’re not interested in the warranty extension to avoid further spending.

4. What incentives are available?

Every dealership, including Dodge dealerships, usually offers incentives in order to attract more customers. The incentives can include discounts or cashback. Therefore, ensure you request a list of incentives offered and inquire how you can qualify for an incentive on the car of your choice. And if an incentive is being offered in the next month, tell them you will wait to purchase then. Usually, they will offer you the incentive now to get you to make a purchase. 

5. I’ll come back another time

A classic negotiation tactic is having the will to walk away from a deal if it’s not what you wanted. Since purchasing a car is a huge investment, you should feel comfortable with your choice. Car dealers like to pressure you to make a quick purchase, which might not be your best option. However, being the customer, you always have the upper hand, and walking away might give you the much-needed leverage to get a fair price. Many will even offer you a better deal to get your attention.